Why do we do it?

Why do we do it?

Our team have much experience in the area of large-scale mining, equipment optimization, cryptocurrency market forecasting, and we know how to do it the best way.
During our work, we found a lot of particular features and know-hows that allowed us to maximize results and make mining less complicated.
By launching Minerboard we would like to share our insights with the rest of the world.
We created a unique mining software that is easy to apply and can bring your mining activities to the whole new level: now any person can have access our hands-on experience in getting the most profit from mining and do it the least complicated way.
Join us in making cryptocurrency mining better!

Unique mining software

Minerboard gives you wide opportunities for applying and controlling any types of miners.

Any operating system

Our software can operate on any OS and you can easily connect to our dashboard using API.

Full analytics

Comprehensive data on performance of all your mining equipment.


You can choose a mining pool, algorithm, mining equipment, and cryptocurrencies that you are willing to mine.

Open for collaboration

We can add any pool or mining software to Minerboard at your request.

Share account

Ability to grant access to youe Minerboard to your technical personnel or customers.

Manage you pay-outs

You can add your wallet and pick frequency and prefered amounts of your regular pay-outs.

Minerboard saves your time and optimizes performance of your mining farm