Meet Minerboard

Our team has an expertise in the area of large-scale mining, equipment optimization, cryptocurrency market forecasting, and we know how to do it the best way.
During our work, we found a lot of particular features and know-hows that allowed us to maximize results and make mining less complicated. By launching Minerboard we would like to share our insights with the rest of the world.

What is Minerboard?

Minerboard is a multifunctional standardized toolkit that provides access to all data concerning the state and performance of mining devices. Our web-interface allows you to configure, manage, and improve the performance of your mining equipment in one click.

How Minerboard works

When logging into the account, users see all the data on their hardware performance. For convenience, the data can be viewed for a selected period. The data is visually presented in the personal account and include:

Device performance and operation data

- Hashrate and shares for each algorithm
- Uptime for each of the connected devices
- Operating time of the devices for each algorithm
- Locations of devices
- Comparative information on the algorithms used
- Consumed electricity

Extended list of settings

- For GPUs - the ability to change all the settings that mining programs provide (Claymore's Dual, Claymore's ZCash, etc.). More mining software will be added within future stages of Minerboard development.
- Connecting / disconnecting devices.

Custom settings

- Connection of hardware to the Minerboard
- Authorization of hardware in the Minerboard system
- Creating and configuring pools
- Creating custom tags
- Settings of email and message notifications


Sharing hardware capacity with indication of end user and percentage of shared capacity.

Information about shared devices

list of devices, percentage of shared mining capacities


Cryptocurrency - pool - available balance