Minerboad FAQ


One of the most important parts of the Minerboard software is the most comprehensive performance data and analytics divided into compact sections:

    A. Device performance and operation data:
    B. List of devices (with system and user tags for searching and sorting). Each device has an extended list of settings
    C. Information about shared devices: list of devices, percentage of shared mining capacities
    D. Balance
    E. Custom settings

The platform supports all types of mining equipment.

You can control the mining process through any Internet browser on any device.

No. Minerboard is a web interface, so all changes are updated by our team automatically.

Minerboard is a private project with a closed source code.

No, no one can see your statistics data other than you. But you can give access to your devices to someone else for monitoring or other purposes you may have. In this case your statistics will be also available to the person(s) you shared it with.

No, it’s not. The project is supported be Windows and Ubuntu.

Yes, Minerboard project offers white label solutions. In case of inquires, please contact us at join@minerboard.com. For more information please visit the White Label page.

Please see the Minerboard’s License Agreement here.


Sign up on the Minerboard website.
Receive a unique key for device authorization in the personal account.

Please, contact our Support Team at support@minerboard.com

In order to change the wallet you need to do as follows: in your personal account choose the “Hardware” section, select one or several of devices, press the function button, choose “Edit”, change the number of your wallet in the “Wallet” field, and save the changes.


Introduction of new mining algorithms, pools, and miners is carried out in the shortest possible time. If you think that our project does not have the necessary mining algorithms, pools, miners - please contact the Minerboard Support Team at support@minerboard.com

    A. Enter the ASIC web-interface
    B. Go to the miner configuration page
    C. Fill in the fields as follows:
      A. Enter the Minerboard address in the ‘URL’ field
      B. Enter the name of the device in the ‘Worker’ field
      C. Enter your unique key in the ‘Password’ field (matching the ASIC’s algorithm)
    D. Select setting preferences
    A. Download and install the Minerboard client on the hardware
    B. Launch the Minerboard client
    C. Enter your unique key and device name
    D. Register the device
    E. Select setting preferences

You mine using your cryptocurrency wallet, all payments go to the wallet address you specify.

The amount of payments could be reduced for the following reasons:

    A. Increased network complexity of the cryptocurrency you chose
    B. Reduced reward for the block
    C. You give a n% of mining capacities in the “sharing” mode

For sharing device capacities you need to follow the next instructions: in your personal account choose the “Hardware” section, select one or several of devices, press the function button, choose “Sharing”, enter the email of the account which you want to share your capacity with and the percentage that will be shared with this account, confirm sharing via email confirmation letter.

Yes, there is such mode in Minerboard. To activate this option please follow the next steps: in your personal account choose the “Hardware” section, select one or several of devices, press the function button, choose “Edit”, and then choose the “SmartMining” option.

Enter your personal account, choose the necessary device, press the “Copy Settings” button, then select the group of devices to which you want to apply the settings, press “apply the settings”.

All settings are saved in the dashboard. When uninstalling the software, the configuration will not be affected.

Try to solve the problem that appeared in the web interface using Minerboard General Instructions. If the problem cannot be resolved this way, please, contact our Support Team.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this license, you may contact us using the information below.