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Minerboard gathers in one place all data and setting that are necessary both for private and large-scale mining operations.

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5-minute connection

You can easily add both your ASICs and GPU rigs to Minerboard. You will just need a couple of minutes to do that and you are all set!

Manage all your mining equipment in one place

You can connect an unlimited number of cryptocurrency mining devices: you get an opportunity to monitor and set up groups of devices to make adjustments quicker.

Full performance analytics and stats

Minerboard aggregate a huge array of data concerning the state and productivity of mining equipment for all period of connection.

Intuitive interface

We wanted to create a user-friendly interface standing in front of all the amazing features that we implemented in the software. You can use Minerboard and enjoy its advantages even if you just joined mining.

Share your mining capacities

We added an option to share mining equipment with income divided to several users. Just go to the ‘Hardware’ section on the dashboard, select devices you want to share, add the user you want to share your capacities with, and set sharing percentage.

Mine like a pro

Minerboard is a unique mining software that is easy to apply and brings your mining activities to a whole new level: now any person can have an access to our hands-on experience in making mining profitable and comfortable.