White Label Mining Dashboard

Full-featured mining dashboard delivered within days.

Running a crypto mining business?

Update a legacy dashboard with one of a kind mining user interface.

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Minerboard is far ahead its competitors

5-minute Setup

Add your ASICs and GPU rigs to Minerboard in just five minutes. We’ve tested it!

Unlimited Number of Devices

Connect an unlimited number of mining devices, group them, analyze, make adjustments quicker.

Performance Analytics

Minerboard aggregates a huge array of data for you to build a complete picture and optimize the mining.

No Experience Required

Start earning with Minerboard even if you’re a beginner in mining. Our intuitive interface and built-in tutorials will help you.

Sharing Devices and Income

Share mining equipment and income between any users. It’s so easy: select devices you want to share, invite a user, and set sharing percentage.

Developed by Hands-on Miners

Members of the Minerboard team use the product for their own mining activities. And, we do it on a large scale.

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